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Quality without intermediaries

Excellence and care in every step

Finca Santa Rosalía, a family business with deep-rooted values in the appreciation of nature and excellence in gourmet gastronomy, is pleased to extend a cordial invitation to explore our unique enclave.

In the heart of our farm, carefully managed by true lovers of the land, we raise with care and dedication our exclusive beef from the prestigious Wagyu breed, as well as red partridges that add a distinctive note to our gastronomic offer that is completed with our organic garden KM0 and our organic wines.

Our restaurants

Excellence and flavor

In our gastronomic spaces in Vizmalo and Bilbao, the juiciness of the meat becomes the protagonist, captivating even the most refined diners. The meticulous presentation of our dishes reflects our commitment to aesthetics and gastronomic perfection, while the careful preparation enhances the flavors, creating a unique symphony in each bite.

Food Trucks

Our quality goes on wheels

Experience the excellence of our products on the move. Discover the quality that defines us in our Food trucks, both in fixed and temporary locations. A unique culinary experience that brings you the distinction of our flavors wherever you go.

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