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Saint Rosalia

Our principles at Finca Santa Rosalía

Animal welfare and food quality

Our business commitment, led by Patxi Garmendia, goes beyond economic profitability. Under the guidance of Patxi, we seek economic and social sustainability, through responsible management of biological resources and the preservation of environmental balance. It is Patxi Garmendia's vision that has given rise to our livestock and sustainable agriculture, from which an authentic kilometer zero product is born. Discover, thanks to the dedication of Patxi Garmendia, the quality that takes care of the planet in every bite.

At Finca Santa Rosalía we raise wagyu and red partridge with a sustainable approach and deep respect for our animals and the environment. Our dedication is reflected in every detail, ensuring ethical and careful breeding.

From Japan to your plate

Highest quality meat

Wagyu meat is identified by its characteristic marbling or fatty infiltration into the muscle fibers, which gives it a soft texture that seems to melt on the palate. Its aroma is unique and its flavor intense and pleasant. For this reason, it is considered by many experts to be “the best meat in the world.”

Our wine with an organic seal

Wines from organic farming

Our Garmendia wine is made with certified organic grapes. We continue to harvest by hand, choosing the grapes with care at the best moment of their ripening; In this way we guarantee the optimal quality of our raw material.
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From the garden to your table

Organic seasonal products

At Finca Santa Rosalía, we grow seasonal organic products with sustainable practices, guaranteeing freshness and quality. We contribute to biodiversity and support the local economy. Our foods are transparent and traceable, promoting a healthy and delicious gastronomic experience.

From the field to your table

Field red partridge

On our farm we raise red partridges with a natural diet. The ecosystem in which they live is favorable for their development, which allows them to manifest the hunting qualities that make them famous and that influence their gastronomic virtues.
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Natural elegance

Beauty and comfort in harmony