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Mobile catering or the “Food Truck” is a growing trend that has been developing lately in large cities, allowing access to quality products in the points of greatest concentration of customers, as it is possible to move the restaurant to the best area in the one to offer the products.

To carry out the activity we have the necessary means, both material and personal, and especially, significant experience in the restaurant sector, which allows us to optimize the available resources in search of the best results. And of course we have the following approvals:


Model: Renault master 2023
Measurements (m): 6 length x 2 width
Clean water tank
Total occupation of public roads: 15 m²
Estimated consumption: Electrical system 3000 w


Measurements (m): 4.52 length x 2.85 height x 2.40 width
Total occupation of public roads: 15 m²
Measurements (m): 6 length x 2 width
Clean water tank

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