7 Quick and Easy Gourmet Appetizers

Gourmet appetizers are a great way to surprise our guests. The advantage? They are generally so simple that making them It will only take us a couple of minutes. When we prepare these dishes, the most important thing is to use imagination and have good raw materials. They are easy and fast, therefore, the objective is have ingredients that do not need too much preparation to be delicious.

Whether to whet your appetite before starting to eat, as a mid-morning snack or to accompany a wine, soft drink or beer after work, gourmet appetizers are always a great option. Below we propose seven ideas so that you can leave your guests with their mouths open and wanting more.


Mini-burger skewers

A quick and delicious way to enjoy Mini wagyu burger from Finca Santa Rosalía.

mini wagyu burgers 1Their flavor is the same as the large format ones but their small size makes them perfect for whetting your mouth. We tell you how to cook them to succeed:

  1. Remove the pieces from the packaging and leave them at room temperature for one or two hours before cooking so that the meat is even juicier.
  2. Put a couple of drops of olive oil in a frying pan and let it heat up.
  3. Cook them for a couple of minutes on both sides, caramelizing their faces but leaving them rare or medium-rare on the inside.
  4. As extra ingredients you can cook some caramelized onion in a separate pan. We recommend that you do not add excess ingredients, you will mask its delicious flavor.
  5. You can add a partridge egg to give a special touch to the preparation.
  6. Present them in a bun of the same size, recreating a standard hamburger.


Black pudding, apple and caramelized onion tartlets

These tartlets are one of the most original ways to cook our wagyu blood sausage, a gourmet dish that combines the traditional blood sausage from Burgos with the unmistakable flavor of wagyu. We tell you how to make them at home:

Black PuddingCooked 1024x678

  1. We will start by preparing the caramelized onion in a separate pan. We just have to cut a sweet onion into julienne strips and fry it over low heat in a pan with plenty of oil. Sugar is optional although, logically, it will give us a sweeter flavor.
  2. While the onion is cooking, we proceed to cut the apple and wagyu blood sausage into small pieces so that it can cook well.
  3. We preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  4. We can prepare the tartlets ourselves with puff pastry or buy them already made; we recommend the second option if we want to save time.
  5. We put all the ingredients inside the tartlets and put them in the oven until we see that the apple takes on a golden hue.
  6. We plate and serve.


Pantumaca with wagyu caviar

Tosta pantumaca Wagyu copy

Pantumaca is one of those appetizers that we can enjoy at any time. Even for breakfast! He wagyu caviar It will give it a gourmet touch that will make it unforgettable. This recipe couldn't be simpler, take note:

  1. We start by preparing the natural tomato sauce. We just have to grind it by adding a few drops of oil. Garlic is optional but will add extra flavor.
  2. We cut the bread into slices, we can toast it to make it crispy.
  3. We spread the tomato sauce over the entire toast, being generous.
  4. We add the wagyu caviar on top and that's it!


Mini-sausage skewers in wine with bacon

The Traditional “Frankfurt” type sausages from Finca Santa Rosalía are ideal to enjoy at barbecues and to make hot dogs, but we can also use them to create small skewers to enjoy at any time. We tell you how!sausage skewers

  1. Cut the sausages into several pieces of similar sizes.
  2. We prepare several strips of bacon separately
  3. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and add a little oil.
  4. We put our sausage pieces on the fire and add a generous splash of the wine we prefer. We recommend using white wine.
  5. In another pan we cook the bacon and remove it when it is still juicy.
  6. We remove the sausages when they are golden and wrap them with the bacon. We can use a toothpick to keep it in place.
  7. We can serve them like this or place them on a slice of toasted bread.

Fuet and tomato tartar

Although we generally associate tartare with seafood, we can also achieve delicious results with meat and sausages. For example, we can use wagyu fuet to achieve a result that will not leave anyone indifferent. Follow these steps:1 fuet tartar 2

  1. We remove the skin from the wagyu fuet. We will just have to make a cut around it and pull.
  2. We chop it paying attention to the cut. In the tartar, the way we cut the ingredients is the 50% of the recipe. We have to make small pieces but not too fine, small pieces must be appreciated.
  3. We wash and grate the tomatoes.
  4. We mix the ingredients and let all the water drain.
  5. We prepare a slice of bread on which to present it.
  6. To improve the presentation we can make a tube with acetate paper through which we introduce the tartar so that it has its characteristic cylindrical shape on the bread.
  7. We plate and that's it.


Soft Wagyu Chorizo Spread

wagyu sausage

He wagyu sausage It is already a delicacy that we can serve accompanied by some toast as an appetizer. But, if what you are looking for is to surprise, learn how to make this soft chorizo spread.

  1. We begin by removing the sausage casing by making a cut lengthwise and pulling carefully.
  2. We fry the chorizo a little without browning it in a pan over low heat to which we will not add oil.
  3. When we see that the meat begins to brown, we add liquid cream and cream cheese.
  4. When everything is integrated, we remove it from the heat and blend it with the help of the blender.
  5. We let it cool in the refrigerator so that it thickens and takes the right texture.
  6. Once it thickens we will serve it on some toast and that's it!


 Truffled foie montadito with wagyu and berries

wagyu foie grasIt is always good to have a quick recipe that we can prepare in a matter of minutes if we receive an unexpected visit or have to improvise due to a last-minute change. Therefore, we recommend that you have products such as truffled wagyu foie which will allow you to create a delicious appetizer in four or five steps:

  1. Cut some slices of bread and toast them.
  2. Add a generous layer of truffled wagyu foie.
  3. Add some sliced blackberries, raspberries or strawberries to give a touch of color and sweetness to the presentation.
  4. Optional: Put some mint leaves on top to give it a fresh and different touch.
  5. Plate and enjoy!