Donation to the Burgos Food Bank

Finca Santa Rosalía and Eurest have made a joint donation to the Burgos food bank.

This collaboration has arisen with the purpose of making a strong contribution to the Burgos food bank. In total we have donated 5,800 units of wagyu pate (two pallets) with expiration until 2024. The food bank has been very grateful for this contribution because a long expiration date allows them to better manage the food since most of the products they receive have little expiration.

Most of the donations that the food bank receives are in the form of products, although there are also individuals and companies that make cash donations.

The Burgos food bank has two adjacent warehouses with shelves and a large storage capacity. It also has 3 industrial cold rooms for fresh products.

Patxi Garmendia Manager of Finca Santa Rosalía and the entire staff hope that this donation can be used by the families who need it most.

We want to thank all the food banks in Spain and their volunteers for the great work they do.