Gourmet burgers: everything you need to know to eat the best burger

Italian burger

In these times there is a lot of talk about gourmet burgers, what they must be like to receive this qualification and the numerous factors to take into account to achieve it.

But what really is a gourmet burger? What is the best burger you have ever eaten? The truth is that these are not as simple questions as they may seem a priori, mainly because nothing is written about tastes. However, in this post we are going to clear up many doubts in this regard.

What is the best meat for a hamburger? How do you cook a gourmet or premium burger? What sauce can be added? We are referring to a food that is almost inevitably related to fast food, which in turn is linked to the so-called junk food and which in itself is discarded by the best palates and by those who ensure healthy food.

But what would happen if we talked, for example, about wagyu burgers? They exist and obviously they are a real pleasure for the taste buds, so let's delve into this succulent world.

The wagyu burger

The wagyu burger It has everything to be considered a gourmet burger and obviously this characteristic is given by the type of meat we are talking about. Trying a bite of this exquisite delicacy can be one of the best gastronomic choices in anyone's life, and to confirm it you just have to dare to do it. Of course, do not allow imitations because not everything sold as wagyu is really wagyu, even more so when it comes to minced meat.

Opting for these beef of Japanese origin - because otherwise it wouldn't be wagyu - will turn you into a true lover of gourmet burgers. It is not easy to find them and they generally reach quite high prices due to their quality and low availability, but when you savor each bite the price seems negligible compared to other types of meat.

The truth is that anyone likes a treat and the magnificent proportions of fat and protein that result in the best burger known would make anyone succumb. Mixtures of different meats are not necessary, in fact, this would be a real aberration that would break an unmatched flavor; a real gourmet food lover always knows what to do and experiments of this type do not enter into their plans.

Santa Rosalía Estate It is one of the few importers of the race wagyu in Spain, and taking into account the conditions in which the cattle are raised, it will be difficult for you to find a better gourmet burger than the ones we prepare for you. We are talking about a very special type of meat that requires very special care, as much as its flavor will be for your palate.

Hamburger cheese lettuce onion

Other gourmet burgers

Nevertheless, Wagyu is not the only meat that can be considered gourmet when preparing hamburgers.. There are other high-quality raw materials to prepare a dish that can become very sybaritic when treated in a different way. The Iberian secret is one of these meats, and believe us when we tell you that it will surely conquer you too.

And it is that In this world of gourmet hamburgers, there are those who even prepare them with shrimp. We already know that when it comes to gastronomy, imagination has no limits and, although it is true that it sometimes gives rise to horrible creations, those who do not risk do not gain and by trying nothing is lost. Outside of these topics and continuing with the culinary exquisiteness of such a common dish, we can assure that by giving meat the prominence it deserves, we can get away from routine eating.

Now, to achieve this it is necessary to have the appropriate raw material, so we will always recommend that you decide on beef in general or wagyu itself in particular, for the aforementioned Iberian secret or for the best beef, but if what you want to eat is a gourmet hamburger, keep a close eye on its origin and certify that it is real.

How to cook a gourmet burger

When preparing a gourmet burger properly, several factors must be taken into account.. To Caesar what belongs to Caesar: when it comes to preparing meat, there is no way to do it better than grilling, but the truth is that this option is not always easily available; In that case, a frying pan or griddle is not going to make a meat stop being premium, so there is no need to worry.

In the case of the wagyu burgers that we offer you from Finca Santa Rosalía, our recommendations are clear, and this is because we know perfectly the product we sell and we are aware that it is something special. That is why we advise you to remove the burgers from their respective packaging and leave them at room temperature for 1 or 2 hours before cooking them.

Afterwards, a few drops of oil will be enough for the dish to be perfect, since the oil itself fat unsaturated characteristic of this meat, will do the rest. If you manage to make it caramelized on both sides and medium-rare - or even semi-raw - on the inside, you will have done a great job with a splendid meat, so All you have to do is sink your teeth into your gourmet burger.

Sauces to accompany a good burger

But maybe you're missing something, some seasoning, perhaps? Other ingredients? How about some sauces that give that special touch to your dish? The truth is that at this point we have to go back to that maxim that we mentioned at the beginning of the text, and that is that if in general there is nothing written about tastes, when we reach this point, freedom must be absolute. The only advice that should be undoubted would be that meat should never take center stage, and less in these cases.

So that, A gourmet burger will accept any sauce, but make sure it serves to enhance its flavor. and not to cover it. And, by the way, since you have worked on a dish of this level, don't you think that smearing it with industrial ketchup is a bad choice? Bet on creativity and give free rein to subtle mixtures using cheeses, spices or whatever you like most and, of course, tell us how you did it!