How to cook red partridge eggs?

Red partridge eggs are a delicacy that has earned a more than deserved fame among lovers of good gastronomy. They are five times smaller than chicken eggs but have some of the most remarkable nutritional values. They provide few calories and, at the same time, are source of calcium, iron and vitamin B12.

The red partridge is a wild and non-commercial animal, this means that the laying of its eggs is limited and seasonal. This temporality is what causes all the properties that make it to have such a particular flavor to be transmitted and have the great nutritional contribution that characterizes them.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know to cook the fresh wild partridge eggs from Finca Santa Rosalía. We reveal our preparation tips and three of the best recipes to enjoy this delicacy. We will also take the opportunity to tell you why this food is so appreciated in gastronomy and its benefits and nutritional properties.


Brewing tips

Partridge eggs provide 155 calories per 100 grams. Although it must be taken into account that this is a considerable amount, taking into account that each egg weighs approximately between 6 and 15 grams.

Therefore, it is obvious that these little treasures of nature They are more delicate than the eggs of other larger birds. This difference in size is especially noticeable in cooking, being the most complicated technique to cook them.

fresh wild partridge eggs 20 units

This difficulty is mainly related to the short time they need to be ready. While to cook a chicken egg we need between 10 and 12 minutes, for partridge eggs we are talking about less than half. The cooking time ranges from 2 and a half minutes (if we want the cooked white and the creamy yolk) until the four minutes (with firm yolk). If we leave them for longer we will spoil them and we will not enjoy their pleasant flavor as much.

On the other hand, if we choose to fry them, we will find ourselves facing a similar scenario. Being much smaller, they will be ready in less time and we run the risk of burning them.

Our advice is that you pay all your attention in the kitchen and be very aware of the times. You will get the best results!

3 Best recipes

There are a large number of dishes that we can make using partridge eggs as the main ingredient. We wanted to highlight three of our favorites.

? Mini Hamburger with partridge egg

An original way to whet your appetite at gatherings with family and friends or a great option Wagyu burger partridge eggsto satisfy a craving without overdoing it too much. You will only have to cook the meat to taste, we recommend you go for some Mini Wagyu Burger, and place the partridge egg on top. The bread is optional, although it helps create that original image that children and adults will like.

? Pinxtos and canapés

Fried partridge eggs are the best option if we want to include eggs in small bites in which flavor takes precedence over size. As a veggie option we suggest a mushroom pinxto, the flavor of the botelus combines especially well with these eggs, if you don't have any, you can also substitute it with Shitake. We will only have to cook the mushrooms with garlic, pepper and black salt, distribute them on toast and top them with one or two fried eggs depending on the size.

? Mashed potato bags with partridge eggs and truffle

This recipe is a little more complicated but will definitely make a great impression. We need a package of puff pastry, potatoes for our mash, partridge eggs, truffle. We will place a tablespoon of mashed potato on two puff pastry wafers, ensuring that it remains centered. We make a hole in the middle and place the partridge eggs. We give it a rounded shape as we close the wafers and introduce the rest of the ingredients. Once the bag is closed, we put it in the oven at 180º for five minutes and that's it.

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Benefits and nutritional properties

Partridge eggs are a very nutritious food since they have a great contribution of high quality proteins which are digested very easily. Among its fats, choline stands out, known for its beneficial properties to maintain memory and help us prevent bile and heart diseases.

When it comes to vitamins, has all the essentials with the exception of C. His great contribution of b12 vitamin, especially beneficial for keeping our neurons and blood cells healthy. On the other hand, it also provides iron, iodine and selenium. Essential during growth and powerful antioxidants that slow down aging and protect our defenses.

Finally, red partridge eggs also have properties that improve our eyesight and help prevent cataracts.

At Finca Santa Rosalía we have the best selection of eggs and preserves Perdicampo Red Partridge, of exceptional quality and flavor, since we raise the mountain red partridge in semi-captivity, thus obtaining a unique specimen for its bravery that gives special characteristics to its meat.