How to cook wagyu in a wood oven

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How to cook wagyu in a wood oven

In many restaurants throughout Spain, they cook excellent wagyu meat from Santa Rosalía Estate (Vizmalo, Burgos). One of them is Pintxo Kalea (Avenida de Ansaldo, 8 -Alicante-), where they prepare this delicacy with great care. The following video shows the tips and guidelines to take into account when preparing meat over a wood fire or on a barbecue.

How to prepare meat in a wood oven (Pintxo Kalea)

From Pintxo Kalea, the chef of the Alicante restaurant, Diego López, explains how to prepare a wagyu rib rib in a wood oven. This type of meat needs a little chamber, although not as much as steak. The cuts have to be neither too thick nor too thin so that blood remains inside. “It's butter on the coals,” notes the cook.

We temper wagyu rib meat for seven or eight minutes next to the oven and then add a drop of oil with your hands and a little coarse salt. You don't need anything else. The oven is at 300 degrees temperature. As for time, it depends on how the meat looks and taste. Sealed on the outside and practically raw on the inside, but hot.

Finally, the chef of Pintxo Kalea, Diego López, recommends eating the ribs alone to enjoy the rare meat. Even so, it also presents a couple of sauces in case you want to accompany it: an herb salt and a chili vinaigrette. All that remains is to enjoy. Take advantage!

Besides, the wagyu rib rib It can be prepared on the grill, on the griddle, in carpaccio, tartar or tataki. Available in the Finca Santa Rosalia online store.

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