Santa Rosalía online: easy and convenient purchase

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Santa Rosalía online: easy and convenient purchase

The online shopping It makes its way into the habits of consumers, who increasingly find more advantages when purchasing their products through a 'click'. The Finca Santa Rosalía online store allows the user, without leaving home, to obtain the branded gourmet products, easily and comfortably.

ExampleIn the start of, the customer can find which are the best-selling products or star products. From there, you can purchase both wagyu as partridge either organic wines. Each of them has a presentation of the product and its characteristics, as well as a recommendation before cooking it or advice about its preparation in the case of meat. In wines, the best temperature for consumption is noted.

Once the products have been chosen and added to the shopping cart, it is not necessary to register, although it is advisable for future purchases. The client chooses the way to pay: bank transfer, credit card (visa, electronic visa, 4B, mastercard) or paypal. If the customer chooses to make payment by bank transfer, they must make the transfer and as soon as their proof of payment is received, the order will be sent. If you prefer to make payment through Paypal, you just have to provide your account.

On the website you can find the service Customer Support, in which any questions will be resolved, before, during and after the purchase. Any questions can be consulted at 902 101809 and via email [email protected]. And always with guarantees. Both in payment and in receipt of products.

The purchase will arrive in 24-72 hours, transported in refrigerated vehicles, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Always with the convenience of choosing where you want to receive. All this from an entity attached to the 'Online trust'.