Santa Rosalía wagyu caviar is presented at Alimentaria 2016

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Santa Rosalía wagyu caviar is presented at Alimentaria 2016

He wagyu caviar of the signature Saint Rosalia, cut with a knife 'The Fines', will be officially presented in Food 2016. The delicacy from the famous meat of Japanese origin that is raised on the Vizmalo farm in Burgos will be cut with a knife on Wednesday, April 27 by Carlos Sanchez, finalist in the Spanish Ham Cutters Championship, held on April 4 at the Gourmet Hall to the delight of attendees.

The products of Santa Rosalía, the food group based in the province of Burgos famous for breeding red partridge, wagyu meat and organic wine, will be present at the food event par excellence that is held in Barcelona from April 25 to 28. The signature of Patxi Garmendia will serve those present at stand G707 located in pavilion 4 on level 0. An event in which to show a variety of products that this year has its own protagonist: wagyu caviar.

Wagyu caviar is the star of the firm's cured products. It is a product obtained from the cons (piece of meat used to make the jerky) with greater infiltration, which are subjected to light salting and subsequent semi-natural drying for at least 8 months. It is also the raw material that 'Los Finos', official cutters of Santa Rosalía, take to make this food a genuine work of gastronomic art.

Authentic Wagyu beef jerky, one of the most valued meats in the world, is nominated in the category of 'Cooked and Cured Chilled' in the Carrefour Innovation Awards 2016.

A unique breed

The Wagyu breed, native to Japan, is distinguished by its extraordinary culinary skills and for possessing a series of flavor attributes that make it one of the most appreciated and select meats in the world. A meat that stands out for its tenderness, juiciness and exquisite flavor. The properties of the breed are maintained and promoted from the Santa Rosalía farm, located 50 kilometers from the capital of Burgos, where around three thousand Wagyu specimens are raised.

He animal welfare It is faced from the moment of birth of the animal until the date of slaughter. Each of the cattle has 100 square meters and ingests 15 kg of a natural menu made from flakes and clean cooked cereals, as well as muesli.

Likewise, the cattle sleep on straw pellets and relax with the piped music that is on during the day on the farm. The result: three years of aging in the best possible conditions, which helps to generate a unique meat in Spain and in much of the world. The characteristics of the breed, the care in breeding and exhaustive quality controls guarantee an exquisite product with a unique flavor and aroma, making them a tribute to the palate.

Food 2016

With the participation of 4,000 companies from up to 70 countries, Alimentaria is the main international showcase of Spanish gastronomy, food and drinks. The fair, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, attracts 140,000 professionals, 35 percent foreign. In this edition, Alimentaria will be structured into five shows: Intervin (wines and spirits), Intercarn (meat and derivatives), Restaurama (restaurants), Interlact (dairy and derivatives) and Multiple Foods (multi-product sweets, preserves, oils and Premium products ).

With this, the aim is to reflect market trends, reinforce the positioning of the fair in restaurants and gastronomy and facilitate the visit of distribution professionals, sales channels and imports of food and beverages who come to the fair in search of suppliers and new products.