The first food truck arrives in the financial heart of Madrid

foodtruck santa rosalia wagyu

The rolling gastronomic culture reaches the financial heart of Madrid for the first time in its history. For a few weeks now, people who work or pass through the capital's most important business center, located in the central Cusco neighborhood, they will have encountered the Santa Rosalía food truck.

A modern caravan from the 70s that allows you to eat on the street, in the offices, or at modern tables, the wagyu burgers that Santa Rosalía produces in Vizmalo (Burgos). A unique meat that stands out for its juiciness and heart-healthy qualities and that is now part of a different gastronomic experience.

It's about the first food truck to be installed in the capital of Madrid outside of trade fairs or events, which represents a leap in the expansion policy of a brand famous for the breeding and marketing of wagyu beef; one of the most precious on the planet, famous for the production of the now famous wagyu burgers.

A meat that those who work in the offices surrounding Cusco or those who simply need a good dose of good meat can already taste. This is how Igor Garmendia, head of the pioneering foodtruck, understands it, which "seeks to emulate the European model of street food that has been present for decades in capitals like London or Berlin and in countries like the United States."

A gastronomic culture that now arrives in the Spanish capital with the aim of offering those who pass through the Paseo de la Castellana 141 a set of 100% natural products. “Our hamburgers stand out, as they have a juiciness, tenderness and a flavor that is difficult to match,” says Garmendia.

Gastronomic experience

Precisely, the Santa Rosalía food truck offers a different gastronomic experience. Their menu features a wide variety of wagyu burgers from which you can choose between Classic, Santa Rosalía, Red Hot and Silver, in addition to other products such as the pink beef sandwich or a sandwich of wagyu jerky.

In recent months, the Santa Rosalía food truck has participated in 80 fairs and events such as music festivals, fairs and other culinary and gastronomic activities. The objective of the firm is to expand its presence in Spain by taking this 'portable restaurant' to other cities such as Barcelona or Seville.

"We want strengthen the culture of quality street food cAs happens in other countries. We want people to get used to taking their food and taking it to their offices or their homes, as is done in many corners of the world,” he points out. Garmendia.

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Saint Rosalia

The Santa Rosalía Farm is located in the municipality of Vizmalo, in the province of Burgos. It is the heart and soul of a company dedicated to the breeding of the Wagyu breed, as well as the production of red partridge and organic wine marketed under the Garmendia label. A quiet and charming space where, for years, Wagyu oxen have been raised.
The meat of the Wagyu breed, of Japanese origin, is one of the most select in the world. In love with these animals, more than 15 years ago, Patxi Garmendia undertook the task of importing pure stallions and embryos, achieving, after much effort, his own genetics based on a selection of animals of the purest wagyu lines, the “Santa Rosalia” wagyus.

With more than one hundred square meters of space for each animal, facilities provided with piped music, biodegradable beds, which are later used as organic fertilizer on the farm itself, and a diet that is made from green forage, cereal flakes and organic wine From the winery itself as a natural source of antioxidants, among many other ingredients, Santa Rosalía wagyu are defined in the market as “unique.”

The wagyu meat from the Santa Rosalía farm is clearly different from that of any other bovine breed, being absolutely superior in terms of quality, highlighting aspects that define an extremely tender and juicy meat, whose fat is strictly healthy for human consumption. as it contains a high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic or conjugated linoleic acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), which help prevent, among others, cardiovascular diseases.

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