The qualities of our Santa Rosalía Red Partridge

Red Partridge

The farm of Saint Rosalia, located in the Burgos municipality of Vizmalo, is a quiet, ideal and unbeatable place for breeding the field red partridge, which is characterized by having an energetic character, power in its flight and natural bravery as fundamental attributes. In fact, they support us almost forty years of experience in the life cycle of these birds.

In Santa Rosalía, we use a very unique and exclusive process of breeding and handling partridges, with very rigorous requirements that certify at all times both the bird welfare as the quality and the food safety of the final product that reaches the consumer.

IMG 3821Our partridges remain in the field for a minimum of six months, under the conditions of natural feeding, and to this are added the benefits of a favorable ecosystem for their development such as that of our farm. This directly influences their qualities and gastronomic features, as the consumer himself can later verify.

With an exhaustive health control, after a rigorous selection, carried out one by one, in order to discard those damaged specimens or those that we consider do not have sufficient quality to be marketed under the auspices of our brand, we offer the partridges to the client. . And in each one of them, we put our prestige to the test, guaranteeing all those attributes that have made them a gastronomic icon world famous.

But not only the red partridge itself is recognized. In addition, it offers a very short laying period and fresh eggsseasonal, which means transmitting all the essential nutrients for life to its eggs, giving them a great flavor and a low percentage of cholesterol and fats. When feeding the birds, we use only natural foods of plant origin, without chemical additives, among which cereals and alfalfa stand out for their importance, which provide the eggs with the nutrients already mentioned. The result: a healthy, tasty and highly digestible, weighing 20-22 grams, in which the golden color of the yolk stands out, very rich in natural carotenes and the density of the egg white or albumen, very rich in proteins.


After all this process, among the products we offer, linked to partridge, is the commitment to a traditional flavor with our pickled bird. We also have it stewed, in pâté or with truffles. In addition, we have pochas from Navarra with red field partridge or our unmistakable eggs that are characterized by their bright purple color.