Unique Christmas Baskets


In the coming weeks, carols and Christmas trees will invade our space. It's Christmas time. Purchases and details to entertain our loved ones and our clients. For this reason, Santa Rosalía presents a series of Christmas baskets designed to surprise friends, clients or family with the best products from our farm.
Surprise your friends, family, clients…giving a unique Christmas basket with gourmet cured wagyu products, cooked wagyu dishes, organic Garmendia wine and exquisite preserved red partridge raised on our farm. You can purchase it directly in our online store or customize your own basket by calling us at 902 10 18 09 or by sending us an email to [email protected] with your request and we will contact you.
We have devised several options with different products and prices ranging from 49.95 euros to 114.95 euros. The most economical option includes: can of boneless pickled red partridge, wagyu chorizo, was wagyu, can of wagyu ossobuco, can of duck red partridge with truffle, canned wagyu foie with truffle and Garmendia red Selection 2016.

If you want to surprise with a gift full of gourmet products, your option is one of our Christmas baskets. In them you can find highly appreciated products such as wagyu blood sausage, wagyu caviar, already cooked wagyu barbecue, wagyu tail or the famous partridge pâté with truffle, in addition to our organic Garmendia broths.
To make the choice easier, you can create your own assortment by choosing the products that best suit your needs. A gift that those who receive it will surely remember. A Christmas full of flavor and quality.