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Wagyu Breed

Highest quality meat

Finca Santa Rosalía we are a family business made up of true lovers of nature and gourmet gastronomy. We invite you to visit a unique place, where we raise our Wagyu beef, as well as red partridges. We also make organic wines from centuries-old vineyards and seasonal products from our Km 0 orchard.

The meat of the Wagyu beef breed, of Japanese origin, from the city of Kobe, is one of the most select in the world due to its unique flavor, tenderness and juiciness characteristics.

The meat of this animal is identified by its characteristic marbling or fatty infiltration in the muscle fibers, which gives it a soft texture that seems to melt on the palate. Its aroma is unique and slightly sweet, and its flavor is intense and pleasant. For this reason, it is considered by many experts to be “the best meat in the world.”

Wagyu breeding in Spain

Patxi Garmendia, a visionary in the world of livestock, embarked more than 20 years ago on an exciting adventure: importing pure stallions and embryos from the purest Wagyu lines. Their dedication and effort bore fruit in their own exceptional genetics, whose maximum expression is found in the “Santa Rosalía” Wagyu.

With a pioneering vision, Patxi Garmendia has transformed Finca Santa Rosalía into a paradise for these animals. Each Wagyu enjoys more than one hundred square meters of space, facilities with piped music and biodegradable beds, which become organic fertilizer for the farm. Feeding, a crucial aspect, is Patxi's own formulation, combining green forage, cereal flakes and organic wine from its own production, guaranteeing not only the health of the animals but also the excellence of their meat.

Aware of the environmental impact of livestock farming, Patxi Garmendia has developed an exclusive food for its Wagyu. This food, free of additives and highly digestible, minimizes the production of polluting gases, turning Santa Rosalía meat into a sustainable and healthy product.

Patxi Garmendia's philosophy extends to the last moment of animals' lives. In Santa Rosalía, the slaughter is carried out stress-free, with careful transportation and accompaniment by the usual farm staff, ensuring animal well-being until the end.

Patxi Garmendia has not only created a sustainable and respectful livestock farming model, but also personally supervises each stage of the process, from breeding to packaging, maintaining high standards of quality, health and traceability. Its name, synonymous with innovation and commitment, has revolutionized the way Wagyu meat is produced, turning Finca Santa Rosalía into a global benchmark.

Nutritional properties and benefits

Wagyu beef It is clearly different from that of any other bovine breed, being absolutely superior in terms of quality, highlighting aspects that define a meat. extremely tender and juicy.

Furthermore, its fat is strictly fury for human consumption, as it contains a high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic or conjugated linoleic acids (omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9), which help the immune system and cellular development. In addition, it also helps prevent, among others, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis or high blood pressure.

Therefore, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, the meat of this bovine breed is a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to take care of their physical and mental health.

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Until just 20 years ago in Spain and much of Europe, few people had heard the word wagyu. Many people may still wonder when they go to a supermarket and see a tray of Saint Rosalia What is wagyu or where does one of the most valued and appreciated meats on the market come from?
Talking about wagyu is talking about Japan. The Wagyu is a breed of cattle originating from the country of Japan, specifically from the Kobe city. Known as 'Japanese Black', wagyu
comes to mean 'Japanese cow'.

Wagyus Santa Rosalia

Appreciated for its juiciness and tenderness, wagyu meat is used to prepare gourmet dishes as well as for elaborate menus such as those offered at the Santa Rosalía Restaurant Bilbao where everything from croquettes to sirloins to the famous ham or wagyu caviar are made from the most valued raw materials. It is a meat that stands out for its “marbled” tone, drawn thanks to the infiltration of fat into the muscle fibers of the animals.

life of kings
The appreciated qualities of wagyu are determined by the way of life of the animals from which the meat comes. Medium in size, the oxen graze in a quiet environment and graze in medium-sized meadows. It is enough to take a look at the Finca Santa Rosalía for one to realize the way of life of the kings of the estate. It could be said that a good part of the result that we see on the table comes from a unique and differentiated environment that allows the animals to eat adapted and high-quality feed, in addition to having stables that add biodegradable beds.

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The quality of the food ingested by the animals is directly transmitted to the qualities of tender, juicy meat that stands out for its high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These latter properties allow wagyu meat to be compared with olive oil, since both help prevent many diseases of the 20th century by preventing cell oxidation.
In Spain, wagyu meat is one of the most valued by the consumer. This is supported by those who regularly consume a meat that differs from others due to its high protein content and its healthy lipid profile.