Wagyu, meat with a heart-healthy lipid profile


Wagyu, meat with a heart-healthy lipid profile

The meat that is raised, produced and marketed Saint Rosalia On the farm in the Burgos town of Vizmalo it comes from the Wagyu beef breed, of Japanese origin. With extraordinary culinary skills, being one of the most appreciated and select meats in the world, it is red and is characterized by its high degree of fatty infiltration, which, in addition to its famous tenderness, provides it with great juiciness and an exquisite flavor. The meat of Santa Rosalía has a lipidic profile heart-healthy.

LomoHighCameraIn fact, the fat present in this meat provides beneficial effects for human health, since it is very rich in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, which reduce blood cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular diseases. What's more, the latest studies equate wagyu meat with olive oil, since both help prevent many current diseases, preventing oxidation of cells.

These characteristics of the breed, together with the special diet of the animals, ultimately determine the excellence of their healthy marbled meat (the fat is infiltrated into the muscle mass and not around the lean, which revitalizes its texture) giving off an exquisite sensation of flavor and tenderness.

After complete use of the animal, monitoring the life cycle of each specimen from beginning to end, the catalog offered by Santa Rosalía Gourmet offers very different pieces. From loins and tenderloins to much more affordable ones such as the hamburger or the mini version of the same that combine all the qualities of the best pieces of meat in a very attractive format, always ensuring all the guarantees of quality, homogeneity and food safety.Sirloin

Additionally, on the farm, Santa Rosalía has a unique ripening chamber with a controlled atmosphere of temperature and humidity for each of the pieces, avoiding direct contact with the environment to protect them from oxidation. The loins mature naturally from 45 to 120 days at the customer's request.

In this way, Santa Rosalía meat offers very beneficial properties for human health, as well as an unmistakable flavor that makes wagyu an authentic delicacy.