Wagyu: the tenderness of a unique breed


Known throughout the world for its unmatched culinary qualities, the breed wagyu has been linked to our firm Santa Rosalía for years. Also its uniqueness, which makes the best restaurants add gourmet recipes to their menu based on the use of what experts define as a “unique” meat.

Thousands of oxen graze freely on the Santa Rosalía farm located in the province of Burgos in the best conditions which guarantees their animal well-being. They are born, grow and live in a unique natural environment and in the best possible conditions, which guarantees their comfort, on which the flavor and quality of the meat that later reaches the consumer largely depends. Thus, each animal has more than one hundred square meters of space in facilities provided with piped music and biodegradable beds. Such a animal luxury.

The feeding It is also unique. Our oxen digest an exclusive food daily free of additives and of such digestibility that it does not produce polluting gases. Santa Rosalía, concerned about global warming and the gases that cause the greenhouse effect, years ago designed a food with own seal highly beneficial for the animal and for the entire planet. The perfect combination.

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The quality of the food ingested by the animals is directly transmitted to the qualities of tender, juicy meat that stands out for its high percentage of fatty acids. unsaturated and polyunsaturated. These last properties allow wagyu meat to be equated with olive oil, since both help prevent many diseases of the 20th century by preventing oxidation of cells.

Japanese origin, Burgos stamp

Of Japanese origin, wagyu meat has had a Burgos seal for decades. Its origins date back to distant Japan where the ancestors of the animals raised in Vizmalo come from. In Burgos lands they live up to between two and a half and three years. The sacrifice is carried out when the average weight of each animal is around 900 or 1,000 kilos, but not in any way, the animal welfare even in the last minutes of life.

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In order to avoid the psychological suffering of the animals, they are all slaughtered together in a slaughterhouse near the farm first thing in the morning to avoid anxiety that the oxen could have by listening for hours to the cries of other animals with the same fate. In this way, the possibility that the meat could spoil at the last moment is avoided. The result, unbeatable meat.