What is meat marbling?

He marbling or fatty infiltration of meat has become one of the quality seals of products of bovine origin. Consumers of this type of product know that it is synonymous with juiciness, tenderness and flavor. Genetics takes on special importance in this highly desired characteristic and, specifically, the Wagyu breed She is acclaimed for being one of its exponents.

In Santa Rosalía Estate We have been dedicated to the breeding and export of authentic Wagyu beef for more than 18 years. Below we will explain what marbling is, its importance for this breed and what our cattle are like.

What is meat marbling or infiltration?

Marbling is the intramuscular fat that is embedded in the animal's muscle. It is not the fat of the skin nor the fat that surrounds the muscles, bones or joints... It receives its name from the similarity of its veins with those that characterize this material.

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Marbling is always synonymous with juiciness, tenderness and flavor; It is one of the base criteria to mark the quality of the product. According to the Japanese scale, there are twelve grades that range from a cut without any marbling (0) to the maximum grade (12). The higher the score on the scale, the more appreciated the piece will be. For example, Wagyu beef, synonymous with excellence and quality throughout the world, has always must be between 6 and 12.

Likewise, certain cuts have more marbling than others. The rib, entrail and loin are the most marbled pieces, while the rump or sirloin tend to have less fat. That is why inspectors always observe the muscle of the loin, specifically between the 12th and 13th rib to determine the degree of marbling of the animal.

When it is cooked, the fat in the piece melts, mixing with its own juices. The resulting broth keeps the meat moist and turns it into a unmatched experience. It produces lubrication of the palate that stimulates taste buds and salivation. At the same time, it achieves an exaltation of flavor and aroma that is combined with great softness that makes it easier to chew, one of the most desired attributes when we consume beef.

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Marbling in Wagyu worldwide

The race Wagyu has one of the most appreciated meats of the world. Originally from Japan, it was protected from human consumption for centuries. For this reason, it has hardly suffered any genetic changes derived from crossing with other races.

Its high content of marbled fat, added to the great tenderness of its muscle fibers and its unique aroma, is what has led it to receive such distinction.  Marbling is its main feature and what makes it different from other bovine families and gives it a unique texture.

Few wagyus are raised in meadows and pastures for at least a year.

The high demand for their meat worldwide has led to more and more wagyus being raised in feed lots, limiting their exercise, with the aim of promoting much faster fattening to slaughter animals under 30 months of age.

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Degree of infiltration in wagyu meat from Finca Santa Rosalía

Santa Rosalia is the first Wagyu farm in Europe. We can be proud to say that Our loins have a minimum of 6 marbling.. Specifically, it is between 7 and 8 for complete loins and between 6 and 8 for skin loins.

A selection of the purest lines of this breed have been bred on the Farm since the beginning of 2000, using a sustainable system that ensures the maximum well-being of the animal; as well as, for the quality and food safety of the final product.

The degree of infiltration, as we have mentioned, is usually linked to the animal's own genetics, although other of the most determining factors are the diet and care that the animals receive throughout their lives. One of the keys to obtaining this supreme quality meat is the philosophy of animal welfare. Santa Rosalía Estate seeks to minimize the stress level of the animals with a semi-extensive breeding system, where the animals have parks with more than one hundred square meters of area for each animal, facilities provided with piped music and biodegradable straw pellet beds. Another peculiarity is the type of diet based on cereal muesli (corn and barley, basically), corn silage, olive oil, flax seeds -rich in Omega3-, beer bagasse and they are even given organic wine. the wineries of the estate itself as a natural antioxidant for infiltrated unsaturated fat.

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The fat that it presents this wagyu meat from the Santa Rosalía farm Due to special nutrition and care, it provides beneficial effects for human health, since it is very rich in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9, which reduce blood cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular diseases.

All animals are slaughtered free of stress and strictly taking care of all animal welfare requirements. They are all over 40 months old and weigh around 1,000 kilograms.

When cutting, the pieces are selected with great care, separating those that are intended for direct sale from those that will be used to produce hamburgers and other processed products. The loins are selected with special care and go to the maturation room where they will remain for 45 days to achieve an unmatched flavor and texture.

The cycle is completed without leaving the farm, supervising and controlling the quality of each of the products until they are packaged, following strict health and traceability controls based on the IFS standard.

The result is a clearly superior product to any other bovine breed. The Wagyu meat from Finca de Santa Rosalía stands out for beingMarbling 4c extremely tender and juicy, with a fat that, unlike that of other animals, is healthy for human consumption.

You can enjoy them in your own grill restaurant at Finca Santa Rosalía, located just 25 minutes southwest of Burgos, where you will also have the opportunity to meet our animals first-hand and taste our organically farmed wines.

Another option is our De Santa Rosalía restaurant, in Bilbao, in which each and every one of our products arrives directly from “Finca Santa Rosalía”. Or also and for more comfort, you can buy in our online store and in less than 72 hours you will have our Wagyu meat at your home.