A healthy diet at the office

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Santa Rosalía innovates in the Madrid capital with a modern food truck that allows you to eat on the street or at the workplace

Can you imagine eating healthy without having to prepare the tupperware? In it Madrid center it's possible. In the financial heart of Madrid, in Paseo de la Castellana 141, a food truck is located with the most famous products of Finca Santa Rosalía. Burgers, sandwiches, sausages and seasonal salads that delight those who seek to eat good, and also healthy.

Updated: Now until May, there is a second Santa Rosalía food truck in Alcobendas

Igor and Joseba Garmendia lead a hospitality project with a view to expansion. An innovative idea that, “after a lot of work”, allows those who work or pass through the financial heart of Madrid to stop along the way to taste one of the most appreciated meats in the world: Santa Rosalía wagyu. A meat that stands out for its tenderness and heart-healthy properties and that fills the stomachs of fast food lovers made, in this case, with care and with a 'ten' product.

Precisely, food FOZ7115 1The Santa Rosalía foodtruck offers a different gastronomic experience. In his letter he highlights a wide variety of wagyu burgers among which you can choose between Clásica, Santa Rosalía, Red Hot and Silver, in addition to other products such as sandwich of pink beef or a wagyu jerky sandwich. Menus with potatoes and soft drinks are also offered, while adding to their menu seasonal salads in Caesar, Greek or Mediterranean options.

A hymn to the senses that can also be purchased at home within a three-kilometer radius in the Cusco area. Such is the impact that this rolling caravan has had in recent months, that orders have been extended to weekends in order to satisfy the desire to try Finca Santa Rosalía products and the tenderness of a unique meat.
To place an order, just make a call or send a WhatsApp to: 669 798 877 or request delivery in Just Eat.

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Alcobendas and Mediaset
Due to the success that the Santa Rosalía food truck has had in Madrid, Alcobendas and the production area Mediaset They will be the next scenarios in which two new food trucks will be installed (the one in Alcobendas is already open to the public since February 24). A unique gastronomic variety in Madrid that emulates the urban food culture of European places like London or Berlin where eating on the street is common for citizens and workers.