A new food truck from Finca Santa Rosalía makes a stop in Alcobendas

wagyu food truck

After the good reception received in the financial heart of Madrid, we take our wagyu burgers to Alcobendas

The gastronomic culture of Finca Santa Rosalía continues to move on wheels and continues to captivate palates wherever it passes.

On this occasion, it is the residents of Alcobendas who can come to our caravan, located in front of the VASS Building (Avenida de Europa, 1) to taste our delicious hamburgers and wagyu toasts at street level, as well as other delicacies.

This new food truck Santa Rosalía Estate, which opened its doors to the public on February 24, will be in Alcobendas until May.

Alcobendas enjoys the second food truck to be installed in the Community of Madrid (the first was located in the capital, in the Cuzco area). Igor Garmendia, responsible for this pioneering way of marketing and publicizing the wonders of wagyu meat, seeks to “emulate the European model of street food, which has been present for decades in capitals such as London or Berlin and in countries such as USA".

The innovative gastronomic offer of our food truck includes, of course, our already famous wagyu burgers, in addition to toasts with wagyu caviar (an exquisite variety of jerky), roast beef sandwiches, seasonal salads and wagyu blood sausages. A luxury for lovers of good meat, which can be tasted in Alcobendas until the month of May.

The wagyu meat from the Santa Rosalía farm is clearly different from that of any other bovine breed, being absolutely superior in terms of quality, highlighting aspects that define an extremely tender and juicy meat, whose fat is rigorously healthy for human consumption. It contains a high percentage of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic or conjugated linoleic acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), which help prevent, among others, cardiovascular diseases.

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