David de Jorge enters the heart of Santa Rosalía

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The prestigious chef David Jorge, popularly known as Robin Food, He visited the De Santa Rosalía farm today to get to know the heart of the well-known food brand. A place that "has fascinated him" and that he understands that "you have to know" to appreciate "more if possible" products that he understands as "unique«.

The Basque chef's first stop was precisely the area where the calves are born weekly. partridge. An image to remember that De Jorge has not hesitated to immortalize when seeing thousands and thousands of "chicks" born in a controlled manner and following all the parameters of animal control. "It's incredible," said the well-known chef, famous for his time on Telecinco and ETB.

Afterwards, he and his team entered one of the most charming places in the city. estate. The space in which they live since birth wagyus. Animals "with charm and their own soul" that have seduced the cook long before reaching the table. Thus, it has been able to verify that each animal has a space according to its needs and the control that exists over each animal in order to guarantee well-being from the moment they are born until they are slaughtered. photos stephanie 5 4 2010 472

Already at the table, De Jorge was able to taste some of Santa Rosalía's "delicacies" such as its wagyu caviar, "its wonderful" blood sausage accompanied by partridge eggs "unique in flavor", and the star piece of the day, a “aupa” chop. There was no shortage of pickled partridge or dessert, an egg flan based on a unique raw material: partridge eggs. All seasoned with organic wines from Santa Rosalía.

I'm sure you don't need ideas for your next recipe. You have already known the raw material and first-hand.