Gourmet Delicatessen store in Bilbao

One of the showcases that Santa Rosalía has, in addition to its Online store, is the establishment in Bilbao (2 General Concha Street) where you can purchase all the farm's delicatessen products. Very close to the restaurant, located on Diputación 8 street in the capital of Vizcaya, is the 'Santa Rosalía Store'.

Ham02In the establishment, you can buy fresh products derived from the wagyu, such as hamburgers, sirloin, loin, ribeye, ribs, prey or picanha, but also processed foods, such as caviar, chorizo, fuet, blood sausage or foie. Likewise, the gourmets of the red partridge, such as stewed, pickled, capon, pâté with truffles or bird eggs, and organic wines that are generated in the vineyards of the Burgos estate, red, rosé or white.

In addition to all the products that can be purchased in the store, Santa Rosalía offers a service 'take away' of BurgerCookedMonday to Saturday for lunch and dinner, by calling 944 10 90 01. Cooked dishes for home delivery, among which stand out wagyu burgers, the 'Santa Rosalía' has 180 grams of meat, cream cheese and caramelized onion; the 'Italian' includes, in addition to meat, sliced tomato, arugula, mozarella and truffle oil; the 'Classic' which features tomato, live lettuce, onion rings and melted cheddar cheese; and the 'Caserío' contains piquillo pepper, mushroom cream and Idiazábal cheese. You can also order mini burgers.

Whole pickled red partridgeIn addition to wagyu burgers, the salads to take away: partridge, Santa Rosalía, Caesar, roast & beef and garden tomatoes. There are also ham croquettes or wagyu blood sausage, a large Santa Rosalía wagyu sandwich, pochas with red partridge, homemade meatballs or wagyu tripe, ossobuco, strip roast or carpaccio, among many others. Wagyushi or wok also stand out among the favorite dishes.

All accompanied by the desired drink.