The Asador de Finca Santa Rosalía opens to the public, a unique restaurant located on the farm itself

Finca Santa Rosalía opens its Asador to the public, a unique restaurant to taste Wagyu, located on the Finca itself

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It will be the second restaurant in Spain (after another Finca Santa Rosalía establishment in Bilbao) dedicated exclusively to Wagyu beef products. It will be located in the Santa Rosalía Farm itself in Vizmalo (Burgos), a sustainable farm where each cow enjoys more than 100 square meters of space.

The next June 24Meat and gastronomy lovers are in luck. Finca Santa Rosalía opens its Grill to the public, located within the farm itself in Vizmalo (Burgos).

Soon, those interested will also be able to enjoy Guided visits where you can see the Wagyus, the organic vineyard and orchard, the winery, the holm oaks with truffles... and countless more surprises.

The grill restaurant has your own organic garden to stock up on vegetables and greens. Plus, the star of the menu, the Wagyu beef is prepared in a smokeless grill, which provides the icing on the cake to what is known as “the most exquisite meat in the world.”

The Finca Santa Rosalía Grill will be open from Tuesday to Sunday on schedule from 12:00 to 17:00. During the summer season, dinners They are only available by reservation for groups of at least 25 people. This schedule will be valid from opening until the month of September, inclusive.

Visits to the Estate, which you can reserve now, will begin throughout the month of July, will include tastings of organic wines made in the winery of Finca Santa Rosalía itself.

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El Asador de Finca Santa Rosalía will debut this season with a 20 euro menu which will vary daily and in which there will never be a lack of Wagyu dishes accompanied by organic wines.

In addition, you can choose other options such as Paleolithic menu or by a menu tasting of noble Wagyu cuts. There will also be a children's menu and a wide variety of tapas made from all the farm's products.

For more information and to make your reservation, interested parties can contact to the form on this page oa [email protected].