How to make a perfect barbecue?

With the arrival of spring comes the sun and heat, the longer days are combined with a more pleasant temperature and we want to enjoy them outside the home. What better way to do it than with a perfect barbecue?

Visualize it: a spectacular day, without a cloud in the sky and with the sun shining brightly. No matter where you are, patio, garden or terrace. You are having a great time with your loved ones, you have your favorite drink in your hand and that unmistakable smell comes to you. It smells like embers, fire and delicacies cooking. You already feel that special flavor in your mouth….

That is the essence of the perfect barbecue, do you want to get it? Pay attention to this post, we tell you all our secrets so that everything goes as planned. We teach you how to prepare the grill, we give you tips on the best appetizers and starters, we help you choose the meat and we tell you how to accompany it with the best pairing. Take note!

Grill preparation

If we want to get the perfect barbecue we will have to take many factors into account, from having the ideal weather to the quality of ingredients. But, without a doubt, there is a key element: the preparation of the grill.

The first point is to light the barbecue. The best option is to stack a pile of dry sticks and light them using newspaper. When it has started to burn, it is carefully covered with pieces of charcoal, creating a shape reminiscent of a volcano. Once this starts we will finish adding the rest of the charcoal that we will need. Eye! It is important to leave gaps so that the oxygen can do its job and the fire stays alive.

Preparing good coals is an art since we cannot start cooking until they are mature. That is, we will have to wait between 60 and 75 minutes until you see them covered by that characteristic grayish or whitish layer.

Why is it important to wait? Because if you place the meat on the grate ahead of time, it will begin to release its fat onto the embers, starting flares that will burn everything in its path. Patience!

Appetizers and starters

As we have already explained before, getting the grill ready to start cooking our meat will take us between 60 and 75 minutes. That is why it is important to have an appetizer to whet your appetite and to enjoy between servings.

Tosta pantumaca Wagyu copy

In this case, we recommend opting for a light dish that will distract your hunger a little but not fill us up too much. For example, you can start with a salad or a very cool gazpacho. Also, you can surprise your attendees with some small delight such as Wagyu caviar or a little bit of Wagyu truffled foie.

While your guests enjoy the appetizers, we recommend that you start cooking the starters, as they usually require more cooking time. You can include dishes like Wagyu blood sausage, chorizo, sausages, Moorish skewers... A trick: to prevent them from being too toasted on the outside but raw on the inside, separate the grill about 15 centimeters from the embers to ensure that they cook little by little.

Best meat for barbecue: The best cuts of Wagyu

After the appetizers and starters it is the turn of the kings of the barbecue, the most succulent pieces of meat. Do you know what cuts to choose?

When in doubt, a piece that works for any situation and method of preparation is the Wagyu sirloin. This cut is located next to the ribs and is the most tender and succulent part of the animal. If you want to get the best result, let it cool for a few hours before cooking and add flaked salt right after cooking.

The loin - both the top and the bottom - is one of the star pieces in barbecues. It is found in the entrecôte area and is highly appreciated for its tenderness and juiciness. He low loin it's more tender than the high one since it is obtained from the heart of the piece, that is why it is our favorite for a perfect barbecue.

But without a doubt, at your barbecue You can not miss a good Picanha. This piece is considered the star of Brazilian barbecues and has the honor of being one of the best cuts when it comes to grilling meat. This piece corresponds to the tip of the hip, one of its sides being covered by a shell of fat, which gives it an extremely delicious flavor and a soft and juicy texture. The fat juices run down the meat while it is cooked, that is why it is more tender and flavorful.

To achieve the best results and serve the best meat on your barbecue, we recommend that you avoid too high temperatures and avoid checking excessively if it is done. Simply leave your sirloin or loin still on the grill for 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the point you want to give it, this way you will get it cooked evenly.

Complements and pairings

Of course, we can't forget the drink. The best complement to a rich and pleasant meal is accompany it with a good pairing. Never forget to have a good jug of fresh water on hand to beat the heat, especially for cooks. A trick: if you want to give it a special touch, add slices of lemon, strawberries or red berries to your pitcher of water; The result will not leave anyone indifferent.

On the other hand, what better way to round off a perfect meal than a good wine? Without a doubt, we advise you to go for a good glass of red to accompany the meat. For example, you can choose a bottle of Garmendia Aged 2016, the combination of flavors on the palate will be incredible.