Meat and human evolution


The feeding meat-based is one of the oldest known and one of the most important. Experts in paleontology assure that since millions of years ago, The first settlers on earth already used their hands to kill the animals in their environment in order to satisfy their nutritional needs and improve their cognitive abilities.

The consumption of meat was fundamental in the brain development of humans and was crucial in what we define today as Homo Sapiens. This is revealed by a study of the Harvard University on the role of meat in the evolution of the species titled 'Impact of meat and Lower Palaeolithic food processing techniques on chewing in humans' ) that discovers how important the incorporation of meat to the hominid diet was in the evolutionary path.

Despite modern vegetarian or vegan trends, which completely banish the intake of meat from the diet, the study highlights the benefits that meat has on the brain development of humans, both in the first years of life, as well as in adulthood and old age. Eating meat is not just a fad, based on this article it is an obligation for a Healthy life and long-lived.

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Benefits of eating red meat:

Meat, and particularly red meat, has multiple health benefits. Here we show you the most important ones:

✅ Red meat is a natural source of proteins of high biological value.

✅ It contains a high amount of carnitine, important for our health because it is synthesized in the kidneys, liver and brain using two essential amino acids.

✅ Provides essential amino acids: these are essential compounds that the body produces in small quantities or does not generate them naturally, so we have to “help” it by eating foods that contain them, high-quality red meat provides the following compounds : histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine; which are essential in our daily diet.

✅ Also, it is a source of minerals, vitamins such as B6 and B12 and heart-healthy fats that our body demands.

✅ It is important to distinguish between lean and fatty meats, and analyze the healthiest content for the body. It is advisable to eat fats such as those offered by wagyu meat, which has a high heart-healthy lipid content.

✅ It is recommended that adults eat meat about three times a week, around 200g. and in minors the intake would be three times a week with portions of 20 grams for each year of age.