At the table, our restaurant: De Santa Rosalía Bilbao

The restaurant From Santa Rosalia It is the final destination of a food chain based on breeding and animal welfare from the Santa Rosalía farm, located in the Burgos municipality of Vizmalo. It is also the best showcase for the triad that makes up the banner of a food group that for years has intended to bring delicacies such as red partridge, wagyu meat or Santa Rosalía organic broths to thousands of palates.
Located in the heart of Bilbao, our restaurant has a wide variety of pintxos as well as a complete menu that changes every day and in which the diner can choose between succulent starters, among which the tasty pickled partridge salad or the wagyushi (a variety of sushi that incorporates the tenderness of wagyu).
If it is a snack, the diner can choose between the requested ham croquettes, the famous caviar wagyu or the meatballs. If what you want is a good smokeless grill of meat, it is best to opt for noble cuts such as ribeye of wagyu, the wagyu rib rib or the sirloin.

0409 1For lovers of the burger world, one of our specialties is the wagyu burger, which stands out for its juiciness, tenderness and its heart-healthy lipid profile present in all Santa Rosalía wagyu products. Here, you can choose from a wide variety of burgers among which we recommend the classic, the Italian or the so-called 'Bilbo Burguer'.
And so that the food does not get stuck, the best came. Made in an ecological way in a store from the 18th century based on the work of ecological agriculture. Our wines are characterized by their unique flavors and Natural fragrance, but also because they lack chemical contaminants.

Our philosophy
Our farm is a quiet and charming place where, for years, we have raised our animals and made our wines with calculated care. Whether it is our red partridges or our wagyu oxen, we monitor the entire life cycle of each of its specimens from beginning to end, using a special breeding and handling system, whose rigorous requirements guarantee both animal well-being and the quality and food safety of the final product that reaches the consumer.

IMG 2023 In itself, and due to its genetic characteristics, the wagyu breed meat It is one of the most valued and appreciated in the world, both for its exquisite flavor and tenderness and for its healthy properties for humans, as it is a meat very rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The flavor, aroma, tenderness and juiciness of this meat make it a healthy and unique delicacy that will leave no one indifferent.