The farm, the origin of Santa Rosalía

The farm, the origin of Santa Rosalía

Located in the municipality of Vizmalo (Burgos), in the heart of the Castilian plateau, is the origin of De Santa Rosalía. The Santa Rosalía farm is the center of operations and the heart of a food group focused on breeding the famous red partridges 'Perdicampo' and one of the best meats in the world of Japanese origins - the wagyu breed - as well as the production of the award-winning Garmendia organic wines.

Quiet place full of charm, located just 50 kilometers from Burgos  and 33 from the capital of Palencia. A unique space in which the life cycle of each of the residents who have given prominence and prestige to the residents is monitored from beginning to end. Santa Rosalía products. One of the differentiating factors, and the most important value of the farm, is none other than the way of breeding and  he animal welfare that the animals on this farm receive from the moment they are born until the day they are slaughtered.

Thus, a breeding process is used that has been rated favorably by experts in the field, understanding that quality and food safety are present throughout the food chain so that the final product reaches the consumer in the best conditions.

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The three pieces of a perfect gear

De Santa Rosalía is the set of three pieces that combine perfectly and are indissoluble. A perfect gear that began with the breeding of the famous red partridge by the hand of Altube Group, the mother brand of the group led by the businessman Patxi Garmendia.  Every year thousands of red partridges leave the farm to fill the tables of some of the best restaurants in Spain and satisfy the tastes of lovers of good food.

This wild bird It has culinary characteristics incomparable to those of a commercial or industrial bird. It offers a very short and seasonal laying period, and in this way allows it to transmit all the essential nutrients for life to its eggs, giving them a great flavor and a low percentage of cholesterol and fats. The result: a healthy, tasty and highly digestible product.

If the red partridge is considered a gourmet product in the gastronomic world, the famous beef is no less so. wagyu breed ox raised on the farm. It is one of the most valued meats in the world for its tender properties, its exquisite flavor and because it is a food rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Its juiciness makes the famous wagyu burgers from Santa Rosalía a unique product highly in demand by many lovers of the 'burger world', as well as by diners who enjoy a good wagyu caviar or a steak that some have dubbed as "The best meat in the world".

The vineyards are also part of the estate. From them, Garmendía organic wines are born, the result of exclusive work by ecological agriculture which gives the wines a quality not found in other wines in the area and which also have a unique aroma and flavor. The broths do not contain any chemical products, which has earned them great popularity internationally and nationally.

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Santa Rosalía Estate

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