Wagyu meat: Ideal for losing weight

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Come the month of September There are many people who put their hands on their heads for the kilos gained during the summer holidays. September is therefore the month of good resolutions and one of the times of the year when more people decide to go on a diet. When choosing what we are going to eat, it is necessary to banish old theories and know that not everything is excessively fattening. A recent study has put on the table that, precisely, the intake of meat help to reduce weight. As? some will think, well yes. We tell you.

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Researchers of the Miguel Servet University Hospital of Zaragoza have prepared a study that confirms that a diet rich in protein helps you lose weight. A type of regime in which meat abounds and where what is banished is not what seems to make you fat, as many think.
This is where the wagyu, one of the most protein meats that can be found on the market and that stands out for its properties healthy lipids. And the motto of meat that comes from the Santa Rosalía Estate which it shows is also good.

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A protein rich diet It must include meats like wagyu. Dietary guidelines highlight that its consumption helps the body lose weight during the day because it metabolizes what is eaten much faster. Specifically, wagyu meat stands out for having half the saturated fats of any other breed of beef. Thus, wagyu contains less fat than other types of meat.
Likewise, the proteins in this type of meat are absorbed directly and go on to help the muscles. It is estimated that healthy adult men need 56 g of protein per day, and adult women about 46 grams. Wagyu is known to contain essential amino acids that make it one of the most protein-rich meats on the market.
Nutrition experts support including in the daily menu of people who want to lose weight a maximum of about 200 grams a day of protein and accompany it with vegetables and fruit. Habit changes that help improve health with a diet that must always be balanced and healthy.