Wagyu Loins Maturing Chamber

This spectacular ripening chamber is located in the facilities on our farm in Burgos. It is intended to mature the loins of our Wagyus.

It is a heated chamber containing 32 individual chambers. Each individual chamber has a capacity for 20 whole loins.

In total, our maturation chamber has the capacity to mature about 640 complete loins.

The purpose of maturing the meat is to tenderize the pieces, which is why the optimal maturation time for Santa Rosalía Wagyu is between 20 and 30 days. This maturation time is low compared to other breeds of beef because it is an extremely tender meat by nature. We will find longer maturation periods for lower quality breeds and meats that need more time to reach the desired tenderness.

Excessively long maturation periods can be counterproductive because unwanted flavors may appear that interfere with the original flavor of the meat.

In our maturation chamber the customer can choose the desired maturation: 15, 30, 45 days...

This Dry Aged maturation chamber is an idea by Patxi Garmendia, founder of Finca Santa Rosalía