Torch (ossobuco) by waygu


Ossobuco is a type of cut, the word comes from Italian and means “bone with a hole”, but we prefer to call it Torcha de Waygu, a name with Finca Santa Rosalía brand character.
It is a spectacular and tender meat worthy of banquets and celebrations due to its magnitude and its texture and flavor.
It offers the possibility of being cut in different ways, making innovation possible in your dishes.
In addition, we have already cooked it for you, so you will only have to add a touch of heat to enhance its juiciness and flavor.
Finca Santa Rosalía prepares Waygu Torch meat in the oven, at low temperature for 24 hours at 75° C. The result is tender, juicy and tasty meat. Once you receive the Waygu Torch you will only have to give it a touch of heat and enjoy!


The Waygu Torch is obtained from the upper part of the animal's leg, something that can be seen by its shape, it can be from the front or the rear. The only thing that differentiates them is that the rear ones usually have more meat and are larger. But both are extraordinary meat.
This part of the animal is very succulent and tasty, and has a high collagen content, which makes it a very sweet and juicy meat. Ideal for anyone with a good gastronomic palate and perfect for the little ones in the house.


It offers many options and is undoubtedly a sure hit if you have guests. It is a safe bet to leave your diners with their mouths open.
Waygu Torch is a striking yet delicious meat and will take no time at all to temper and serve. You can do it in a bain-marie, in the oven or both and that's it! In half an hour you will have a delicious dish that will undoubtedly make the meal or celebration a memorable day.
If you prefer to prepare it in the oven, you can put it at 150°C for an hour. For this option, it is best to cut it to a height of around 25 cm, to put it in the oven in a vertical position; a faster and more useful choice for everyday life.
If you prefer to do it in a bain-marie, you must take out the Waygu Torch, and without breaking the plastic packaging, place it in the pot. When you do this, the sauce dissolves well and the meat is cooked to perfection. And then, simply remove it from the packaging and plate it. Easy, simple and perfect for the whole family!
Without a doubt, the Waygu torch is a perfect option to always have ready in the refrigerator. You will be in luxury with your guests. Surprise your family and friends with an incredible meal that will take you no more than 30 minutes or 1 hour to prepare.
It is quite a festival for your palate and we think it is ideal to accompany…
√ A family celebration.
√ An anniversary.
√ A wedding.
√ A Sunday family meal or
√ A relaxed dinner with friends

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