Why are our wines organic?


Why are our wines organic?

Today the positive effects of a came in our health, both in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and those related to aging itself. The properties of the grape, in the skin and in the seeds, contain enormous benefits due to the polyphenol compounds, that is, the antioxidants. More or less quantity depends on the type of vine, climate, terrain and cultivation practices. Hence, the way of working the land for the production of these wines is becoming more and more important.

In Saint Rosalia, we have our own philosophy of cultivating the land, which does not aim to dominate it, but rather to integrate the use of respectful agriculture in the natural environment of our ecosystem. Thus, we manage, on the one hand, to live in a healthier environment and, on the other, obtain a more natural, healthy and higher quality product. From the land to the winery, in all the preparation of the wines, we take care of all the details, so that the aromas and active ingredients of the wine are manifested as such, intact and without chemical adulterations.

PrivateCollection1At the Vizmalo estate (Burgos), we have more than 60 hectares of land that we cultivate under ecological parameters, which guarantee the quality of our wines, also being in control of the Ecological Regulatory Council of Castilla y León.

This ecological seal allows the wine to be differentiated and guarantees that the final product and the entire process carried outFullSizeRender 1 carried out above takes into account the consumption of natural resources and the reduction of emissions and pollutants. That is, they are produced under the parameters established by the European Union in the early 90s.

Among these criteria, the organic wine It is made from certified grapes, which have to be harvested by hand and the best moment of ripening of the grapes is chosen. The process of creating organic wine is carried out with organic farming techniques, with natural techniques such as crop planning or pruning of vines. Likewise, no chemicals are used to prevent pests and diseases.

All this to put a good wine on the table: a wine Garmendia.