Are you eating your burgers correctly?

If you are a fan of hamburgers, we leave you a recommendation for the next time you prepare one or order one at a restaurant. Leaving aside personal tastes, depending on the type of burger, there is a correct way to cook it:

1- Very well done: When the burger is chicken or pork. At this point of cooking the burger loses flavor and juiciness.

2- To the point: For beef burgers. Red center of the burger and sealed, golden surface to keep the juices inside.

3- Rare: When the meat is of high quality like our 100% Wagyu burgers. This will allow us to enjoy all the flavor and juiciness of this very special meat.

At Finca Santa Rosalía we invite you to prepare or order the burger one point less than what you are used to and you will see how much better the burger is.
To make a comparison: No one thinks of drinking a cold broth, because the richer it is, the broth is hot. The same thing happens with the cooking point of the hamburgers.
All the best!