Finca Santa Rosalía receives 4 recognitions at the Great Taste Awards 2022

Finca Santa Rosalía, a company specialized in wagyu meat, receives four awards at the Great Taste Awards 2022.

Wagyu jerky gets top marks of the jury (three stars). It is one of the 240 products chosen worldwide, where more than 14,000 were presented.

Among the evaluations of the jury, which carried out the blind tasting without seeing the name of the company, their words regarding the cured meat stand out, in which “the light salty aromas are translated on the palate and provide a very delicate flavor” and “the excellent marbling is evident. In the mouth it was notable: the small cuts deliver a lot of flavor, creamy and smooth. It was simply magnificent,” according to experts.

Other products that received awards are:

  • Wagyu low loin
  • Wagyu blood sausage
  • And the wagyu burger.

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It is the first time that Finca Santa Rosalía, located in the province of Burgos, participates in this contest, achieving that all products presented obtained recognition.

In the 2022 edition, more than 14,000 food and beverage products from 110 different countries were presented.

What is Finca Santa Rosalía?

Finca Santa Rosalía is a company that raises wagyus from a privileged location, in the municipality of Vizmalo (Burgos, Spain). It is this natural paradise where nature and gourmet gastronomy come together. They raise their own animals to guarantee their well-being and respect for the environment. Their products are handmade, selected to offer the highest quality to professionals and individuals.

The restaurant sector has a distribution channel that guarantees the preservation of the pieces until their destination. Individuals can purchase both the award-winning products and other items in the Online store.

What is Great Taste?

Great Taste It is one of the most prestigious food sector competitions in the world. Its accreditation is based on a unique evaluation system, within a framework of trust and commercial success that seeks to promote SMEs and enhance their dissemination at a national and international level.

The jury takes into account the quality of the ingredients, their aroma, bite, texture and flavor to certify truly extraordinary products.