Do you ship to the Canary Islands?

No, we cannot ship to the Canary Islands from our website. We have a distributor in the islands called tu boca en mi carne. You can contact the person in charge at 662 96 91 69 or you can order from their website:

How much are the shipping costs?

On the peninsula (including Portugal) and with integrated transport2:

6.95€ for orders up to 30€ of order, 3.95€ for orders between 30 and 50€ of order Free for orders of 50€ or more.

Balearic Islands: 12.95€ up to 30€ order, 6.95€ between 30 and 50€ order, 3.95€ between 50 and 100€ order. Free for orders over 100€.

To mainland Spain (including Portugal) with Seur (charged according to the weight of the package):

11.40€ between 0 and 2Kg.

13.50€ between 2 and 4Kg

15.50€ between 4 and 6Kg

17.55€ between 6 and 8Kg

Is it sent to other countries such as France?

From our website we also ship to France, for orders to other countries write to [email protected]

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

This depends on the transport company and the destination city:

With SEUR between 3-4 days with refrigerated shipment

With UPS 24/72 hours

How can I track my order?

If the order was sent by Integra2:
Click on the following link: Tracking integra2 and enter the order reference (without spaces) and the first 3 digits of the postcode where it was sent.

Can I choose the time of delivery?

You can leave a note at the time of ordering indicating your availability. The transport agency will try as far as possible to accommodate your situation.

The agency will have your contact telephone number to get in touch with you if necessary.

If in case you are not at home you can leave the package at a neighbour's or a nearby place, please indicate it in the order note.

Do you ship as a gift?

We do not have special packages for gifts, if you indicate it in the order we put the delivery note without valuing and we can include a message that you put in the order and try to leave it as nice as possible.

Can I place an order to arrive on a specific day?

If you indicate on the order we can try to ship an order to arrive on a specific date but we cannot be held responsible for any delays in transport.